• Marc Malek

    Co-Founder and board member of SEAL, Co-Founder and Ex-Chairman of LIFE, Co-Founder of Kulluna Irada, and a board member of IDC in Washington.

  • Marc Malek

    Co-Founder of SEAL NGO, an organization based in the US that helps fund Lebanese community projects.

  • Marc Malek

    Board member of ICLN and an active supporter
    of Christians in the Middle East through the organization.

  • Marc Malek

    Co-Founder of SEAL NGO, an organization based in the US that helps fund Lebanese community projects.

Marc Malek was born in Lebanon in 1969 and traveled to the US for his university education in 1987 after attending the French Lycee in Beirut. Marc graduated at the top of his class at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) in 1992 with the Highest Honors. While at Caltech, Marc studied how Artificial Intelligence and Neural Networks can be applied to Decision Support Systems to make decisions under uncertainty.

In his junior year at Caltech, Marc received a grant from the Pentagon through NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory to determine the optimal placement of tanks in a battlefield to maximize the chance of winning, using some of the new mathematical techniques he was developing. That research was published at the University and had applications in trading various securities that prompted his recruitment by the Wall Street powerhouse, Solomon Brothers in 1992.

Marc H. Malek Gala Dinner
Marc spent the early part of his career on Wall Street, London and Tokyo creating and running very successful businesses for global banking institutions. Prior to starting his own firm in 1999, he held the post of Global Head of Exotic Derivatives at UBS in addition to heading the proprietary trading groups for UBS in Europe and the Americas.

Since the creation of his hedge fund in 1999, Marc has been very successful earning many awards and commendations from his peers. His research was widely lauded and changed the way investors view Hedge Funds.

Marc H. Malek
Marc has championed many organizations that benefit his birth country as well as his adopted country.  In the late 1990s, Marc was one of the founding members of SEAL, a New York based 501(c3) charitable institution that rises funds in the US to allocate to micro economic projects in Lebanon that benefit a community rather than an individual.

Marc also co-founded an organization called LIFE to connect all Lebanese in finance globally and fund scholarships both on the graduate and undergraduate levels, in addition to helping Lebanon become a better place for business. Marc chaired the organization until the spring of 2018 where he reached his term limits after being elected twice.

In 2013, Marc co-founded a group called Kulluna Irada which acts as an NGO in Lebanon that marshals grass root support for a more transparent, and less corrupt Lebanon.

Marc has been a staunch supporter for the cause of protecting persecuted religious minorities in the Middle East.  He is a member of the International Catholic Legislator Network(ICLN) and is a board member of the DC based IDC.

Marc H. Malek speech at LIFE gala

Marc was born in Lebanon in 1969, attended the French Lycee in Beirut, and did his university education in the United State at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech).
After spending time living in Manhattan, London and Tokyo, Marc retired from Wall Street in 1999 and moved back to NY to start his own hedge fund, managing his own assets as well as other investors.
Marc resides in Manhattan and continue to live there with his wife and three children.

Hedge fund managers are facing growing pressure to deliver strong performance in the last four months of the year after yet another month of mixed results.

While August was, on average, a positive month for the industry, several big-name managers struggled to gain traction, with many more under pressure to ramp up the level of risk in their portfolios to boost year-end numbers, according to brokers.

The average hedge fund returned 0.17 per cent in August, according to preliminary month-end numbers from Hedge Fund Research. The average fund was up 1.29 per cent this year until the end of July, according to confirmed HFR figures …

Barclay Hedge

Marc’s Latest Publication

Lebanon Call to Action

In the last week, since I have been to Lebanon, I have met with a handful of close friends. Each one is working on their own version of a rescue plan for the country. Some are senior members or leaders of existing opposition parties who are advocating for their version of a “Plan for Lebanon”, others are working on creating new platforms to unite the various Thawra groups who often still seem at odds with each other, the rest are starting new parties or movement to represent the very large Lebanese silent majority. I trust and think very highly of each and every one of those friends and I don’t doubt for a second their good and noble intentions. However, I am very worried that all the work they are doing, all the time, effort, and personal resources they are pouring into their work, will never have time to see the light of the day. Let me explain… read more

Marc Malek

Won the “Best Paper” award from Institutional Investor. Malek has been featured on the New York Times cover for fund performance and for recognizing the impending 2008 recession.

Marc Malek

Alternative Asset Management Executive, Alt Beta pioneer,
and founder of the first Alt Beta dedicated fund.

Second round of US aid to Lebanon in question after August blast

Marc, an advocate for Lebanese Christians, said the matter is of great importance to Lebanese Americans and Christians in the United States.

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Ricardo Karam Interview with Marc Malek

Marc sits down with Ricardo Karam

New appointments to LIFE organisation announced

Members of the Lebanese diaspora based in London, New York and Geneva have been elected as new members to the board of the Lebanese International Finance Executives organisation.

Chairman of the Board Elections - Marc Malek re-elected for a second term

Marc Malek elected as Chairman of the Board for a second and final term.

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Occupying Wall Street—From the Inside Out

Marc meets with students from his alma mater.

Eight top Lebanese on Wall Street

Marc talks about leaving Beirut during Lebanese Civil War.

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The greatest danger at a time like this is hubris.

Marc Malek

Founder, Conquest Capital Group
New York

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